Pete offers one-to-one transformation, coaching and mentoring sessions on all aspects of becoming Naturally Ecstatic – whether that is meditation and mind training, breath training or therapeutic breathwork and dearmouring. These sessions are between 1 & 3 hours in length – please email me for prices. 


Meditation and mind training sessions are an opportunity to explore how you think and frame your reality and how you can reframe it so that you come into deeper relationship with pure sensation which is life itself. These sessions are a combination of discussion and guided sensational meditation (not visualisation) and set in motion powerful methods of self healing and transformation. These sessions can be recorded and sent to you for an extra £10.


Breath training sessions initially teach you the nuts and bolts of how we were designed to breathe and later how to refine this fuller breathing practice. Naturally Ecstatic Breathwork can be taught one-to-one for a more private and in depth exploration. We can cover different types of breathing for different situations and outcomes.


Therapeutic breathwork and dearmouring sessions are a powerful way to address issues and ‘armouring’ in the body that prevents us living and experiencing our potential. Armouring is energy, emotion and thought held in the body – often trauma based – which keeps us acting/reacting in a certain way that is not helpful for us. It is the past locked in our body and needs to be brought into the light of the present moment to be released, healed and let go of. Then you are open to create new habits that empower and align you rather than disempower and limit you.

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