The softest, most subtle echo blooms forth into existence from beyond,
filling the emptiness with a soft, ceaseless, crescendo of beauty, wonder, and love.

Filling the places where I am longing, yearning and needing,
filling the places where I am lost, alone and afraid.

Filling the longing with this love that I am becoming,
this love that is taking me over.

I watch as I am willingly consumed by this love,
I surrender all that I am to it,
and I rest in the silken splendour of softness and expansiveness that I have become.

I am home – and I AM home.

Tears of joy, tears of grief, tears of sadness.
Tears for forgetting, tears for remembering.

My sweet aching heart is swaddled and caressed and can finally rest.

I rest………
in effortlessness.

And I continue…