I was recently asked “why is breathwork with you so different from that which I have experienced elsewhere?”

It took me a while to ponder on this…
I asked myself – is it because of 30 years of personal energy and meditation practice? is it because of 47 years of using my breath and awareness to help me deal with being in constant chronic and emotional pain? is it because of the energy and insights I gained through sitting with enlightened masters over 25 years? is it because ever since I can remember I have loved HUGELY with a fathomless depth? is it because everything I do I do fully and presently? is it because I am a crazy virgo who loves precision and is always striving for perfection? is it because I am willing to take things beyond my perceived sense of danger and take myself into the unknown again and again? Is it because I love who I am and what I do and trust this so deeply? is it because I have discovered a way out of the prison of my suffering and personal hell to live in the beauty way.

Honestly I don’t know – it is probably a combination of all of this.

What I do know is every day I explore myself with my breath and my awareness and I experience that I am ‘downloading’ new insights and energies and am being shown further into the workings of the human mental/emotional system.
I clearly see that, when I guide people’s breath and awareness whilst I am dropping into this deeper knowing and energy of our potential, that there is transmission where you get the download beyond your conscious thinking. This deeper intelligence inside me speaks to the deeper intelligence in you – which has the ability to make powerful changes in your reality.

My request to us all is to trust in this and let go of needing to understand the moment through the logical mind and to drop beneath the superficial busy-ness of mental understanding – to drop into the ocean of being that is eternally flowing just beneath the surface. A place of no story, no drama, no struggle. The place where we are truly free is just a breath away from the place where we struggle.

So I invite you to breathe with me on Monday evenings – like going to church every week – meet your maker – and learn to dive deep and deliciously into the essence of your being.

To book your space then just follow this link – https://buytickets.at/naturallyecstatic – please share this with anyone who you may feel could benefit from this. ???