Gives You Access To The Full Power Of Life

By Tapping Deep Resources Inside Yourself.

Learn my secret formula to turn
anxiety into excitement, overwhelm
into clarity, and exhaustion into vibrant energy

Billions of people across the world are losing touch with their inner fire and passion because of ever-increasing levels of stress at work and at home - and, actually, they are also stressed by the way in which they deal with their stress.

Every day I speak with people experiencing

Low energy
Stress & anxiety
Relentless mind chatter
Restless nights
Waking up tired
Brain fog and confusion

Every day I speak with people experiencing

Low energy
Stress & anxiety
Relentless mind chatter
Restless nights
Waking up tired
Brain fog and confusion

Sound familiar?

Well, these are all symptoms of poor management of stress.

Nowadays, so many people rely on coffee, energy drinks or sugary snacks to keep themselves going and alcohol and other medicines to help them relax at the end of the day - without realising they are
causing stress in their body. And the body pays a high price for this with depleted energy & vitality and anxiety & depression…

I’m gonna
let you into a secret

it’s the pharmaceutical companies burning secret…

Stress has the power within it to make your life super healthy and deeply fulfilling… But this information is guarded and is actively denied by these companies as it would crush their multi billion pound industry.

And also, did you know that poor breathing habits actually create stress inside us, they can damage our body and create chronic disease, premature aging, and even premature death? Over 90% of the world’s population has poor breathing habits because of unconscious lifestyle choices…

So I ask you,

Would you like to access an abundance of energy, mental clarity and a deep sense of peace and vitality?
How would it feel to finally end the cycle of ‘toxic stress’?

Why Just Survive When You Can Thrive???


DO you want to know how I consistently slice through stress and live at the top of my game?



I  launched my incredible 12-month embodied transformation training

The Bulletproof Breathwork 

Training & Mentoring Program!

Full Price £2519

but for a short time only 

just £769

Are you interested in how I consistently slice through stress and live on top of my game?


On 1st November

I launched my new 4-month embodied transformation training

The Bulletproof Breathwork 

Training & Mentoring Program!


This is the most intricate yet comprehensive personal development training in embodiment and breathwork on the planet.

And I consistently see that we need to address all areas of our life to be able to transform and thrive, so I’ve also integrated into it the practices from my Emotional Alchemy, Intimate Presence and Energy Management, and Mojo Management modules so it works on every level of being and every area of our life - everything is connected...


The Bulletproof Breathwork Training & Mentoring Program 



Bulletproof Breathwork Training and Mentoring 

- Value: £999

  • Retrain limiting and damaging breathing habits
  • Expand lung capacity
  • Strengthen breathing apparatus
  • Master stress and anxiety
  • Learn to access higher states
  • Release trauma patterns
  • Become healthier, fitter, and stronger
  • Metabolize fat
  • Promote inner healing
  • Access profound relaxation and peace
  • Reduce inflammation and pain
  • Access to powerful learning resources


Somatic Meditation Module - Value: £150

  • Increase creativity
  • Unleash Spontaneity
  • Build Emotional Resilience
  • Become More Embodied
  • Feel Peace & Wellbeing
  • Improve Sleep



Emotional Alchemy Module - £150 (it’s really priceless, when you master this life totally changes)

  • Flip any emotion into a positive
  • Access creative energy and love from any emotion
  • Free yourself from the cycle of reactivity
  • Feel more confident and loving
  • Become empowered by your feelings



Intimate Presence Module - Value: £150

  • Access more life, more joy, more pleasure
  • Discover a deeper yes to yourself.
  • Deeper intimacy with yourself, others and your world


Energy Management Module - Value: £150

  • Master your energy
  • Generate energy at will
  • Transform energy at will



Mojo Management Module - Value: £150

  • More confidence
  • More confidence
  • Love being you
  • Feel sexy and vital



Mindfulness Mastery Module - Value: £150

  • Relieve Stress
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Reduce Chronic Pain
  • Improve Mental Health
  • Sharpen Your Mind
  • Reduce Addictive Behaviour



12 x monthly online training sessions - Value: £360

  • Be led deeper into the intricacies of the practices
  • Live guidance
  • Strengthen breathing apparatus
  • Ask me questions - live



Workbook - Value: Priceless

  • Never feel lost in the process
  • Place for journaling
  • Gain insight from looking back over your journey



2 day in-person Bulletproof Breathwork Masterclass in Glastonbury UK - Value: £260

  • Deep dive sessions exploring all aspects of the course
  • Group breathwork journeys
  • Meet your breath buddies
  • Share experiences, brainstorm, and ask questions
  • Experience a sacred place of pilgrimage for many
    spiritual seekers from around the world.



Private Community Group - Value: Invaluable

  • Collaborate with other people in the same boat
  • Create connections with high-level people
  • Support from all angles
  • Get questions answered
  • A place to share insights and support others
  • Our energy and confidence increases being around like-minded people

Not £2519 but just £769

that's 70% off the retail price…

Act now before the price raises to £2519


The Bulletproof Breathwork Program

gives you the tools to completely reprogram how you breathe, think, feel and respond to the world.

Act now and be one of the lucky few who get the early-bird offer - access the program for a fraction of the asking to get the ball rolling. There are a limited number of these spaces and will be sold on a first come first serve basis


This program is a deep and comprehensive training in how to set yourself free from stress, emotional challenge and suffering and master yourself so that you can become the best version of yourself.

It will literally blow your mind… It is the distillation of my experience from 30 years of working in the realms of healing and transformation with clients.

I will personally guide you through the 4-month training that consists of 40+ video lessons, 40+ audios practices and you’ll have a comprehensive workbook to keep you on track and log your insights and progress. Then you stay in the program for another 8 months to explore and refine the practices and integrate them into your life - so YES you get 12 months access and support within this incredible tribe of evolutionaries...

This means that there will be plenty of time in the course for practicing - there is no substitute for repetition (remember “wax on, wax off”)- but the practice will be fun - you will be mastering bliss, beauty, wonder, and becoming more vibrantly alive and confident every day.

You will also have access to the content, group coaching, and support network for 12 months and can keep the audio practices for life.


I am so excited

to be leading those of you who come on this journey

into the magnificence of you.

This crazy offer is only available for a few lucky people -
and as I said there will be a limited number of tickets -
then the
price will rise to £2519
- and will then increase as demand
grows every four months with every new intake.


This course is


and will greatly enhance any
practice, sport, therapy that you already do

SO, to guarantee that you’re one of the lucky people that get their hands this training at this

exclusive price of just £769

Or book your free call with me here to discuss how this program can transform your life

and don’t forget

Act now before the price raises to £2519

I really look forward to hearing back from you soon,

Much Love,

Pete Warnock