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Breathwork & Meditation Course Online | Breathing | Naturally Ecstatic
Breathwork & Meditation Course Online | Breathing | Naturally Ecstatic

Bulletproof Breathwork Program 

This 12 month program gives You the power to take your life to new heights and awaken to your true potential. 

By Tapping Deep Resources Inside Yourself.

This is the most intricate yet comprehensive personal development training in embodiment and breathwork on the planet. 

Access life changing tools to completely reprogram how you breathe, think, feel and respond to the world.

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Breathwork & Meditation Course Online | Breathing | Naturally Ecstatic
Breathwork & Meditation Course Online | Breathing | Naturally Ecstatic

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EMBODY and LIVE Your Potential On This Earth via

Naturally Ecstatic @ Home

our online 1-1s, webinars, audios and home study course


Our mind is either our best friend or our worst enemy – learn how to get it on your side… 


Breath is Medicine.

The quality of our breath determines the quality of our life – learn how to optimise your breathing… 


Ignite powerful healing for the physical, emotional, psychological and energetic systems to restore health and happiness… 


Experience and learn transformational processes and practices that access states of being in which we can achieve our goals, aspirations and reach our full potential… 

Breathwork & Meditation Course Online | Breathing | Naturally Ecstatic

“If you know the art of breathing you have the strength, wisdom and courage of 10 tigers”

How Do I Become Naturally Ecstatic?


Personal sessions for training, coaching, therapeutic and healing work in the Naturally Ecstatic stylee… Find out more


Ranging from 2 hours to 2 days, these cover all aspects of the Naturally Ecstatic system – Click to events. They can also be run in your area – if you invite me


Deep immersive transformation events in beautiful locations. Transformation and awakening and tonnes of fun.


Train to be either a Naturally Ecstatic coach, facilitator or breathworker. Trainings coming soon – join our mailing list so we can keep you in the loop.

Breathwork & Meditation Course Online | Breathing | Naturally Ecstatic
Breathwork & Meditation Course Online | Breathing | Naturally Ecstatic
Welcome, I’m Pete Warnock, creator of Naturally Ecstatic, founder of Naturally Ecstatic Breathwork and Synergy Bodywork. I have been healing, teaching and facilitating in the field of personal transformation and awakening since 1992. I am an energy alchemist and have distilled my life’s experience of therapy, training and self practice into what I consistently see to be some of most powerful tools and techniques on the planet for healing, transformation and awakening. I discovered this through my own journey of living with and transforming my relationship with chronic pain since a series of spinal injuries as a young child.
My work is my passion and has come about through exploring a blend of ancient wisdom, traditional and modern therapies and cutting edge science. I share it in life-changing one-to-ones, workshops, retreats and trainings. 
Breathwork & Meditation Course Online | Breathing | Naturally Ecstatic
Breathwork & Meditation Course Online | Breathing | Naturally Ecstatic

“In This Moment Everything That You Are Feeling Is Life And Is An Opportunity Open To Experience More Beauty.”

What people are saying

“I gained so much from just my first Naturally Ecstatic Breathwork workshop with Pete. I had been struggling with anxiety and grief following a bereavement, but after the session I felt an instant improvement, much calmer, more centred and positive. The healing benefits were obvious right away. I have continued to practice daily following the workshop and it is definitely helping me process my grief and neutralise my anxiety. Deeply grateful for the practices and for Petes fantastic tuition, support and kindness.”

Elise Yuill Cohen

Pilates & yoga teacher and professional singer

What people are saying

“I attended Pete’s Becoming Naturally Ecstatic weekend workshop which included breathwork, movement and sound. It was a fantastic weekend, very rich, full and subtle too. I loved the singing and enjoyed the different effects of the various breathing techniques and will definitely be exploring this further, so much thanks for starting me on that journey – what a powerful thing indeed.”

Hils Crisp

Marketing Confidence Coach and Heart IQ Practitioner

What people are saying

“I think that Pete has discovered the keys to healing all disease and suffering in humanity – experiential, practical crux key tools, crucial for accessing direct healing alignment. They are the essential essence of healing and dissolving the cause of disease – returning from separation to unification.”

Philip Flitman

Pranic Living facilitator, ambassador for peace, yoga teacher, singer and semi-pro surfer.

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Breathwork & Meditation Course Online | Breathing | Naturally Ecstatic